Magna-Tiles Clear Colors 100 Piece Set

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    Magna-Tiles Clear Colors 100 Piece Set – Unboxing Review
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    Best Buy Free Shipping Magna-Tiles® Clear Colors 100 Piece Set
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    Magna-Tiles Clear Colors 100 Piece Set | Review
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    Magna-Tiles Clear Colors 100 Piece Set
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    Magna Tiles Clear Colors 100 Piece Set – Cheap Magna-Tiles Clear Colors 100 Piece Set
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    Magna-Tiles Clear Colors 100 Piece Set Review – My Honest Assessment of Magna-Tiles
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    Magna-Tiles Clear Colors 100 Piece Set –
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    Magna-Tiles Clear Colors 100 Piece Set Review
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    Watch This Before Buying Magna Tiles Clear Colors 100 Piece Set
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    magna tiles clear colors 100 piece set
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Magna-Tiles clear colors 100 Piece set includes: 50 small Squares, 4 large Squares, 15 Isosceles Triangles, 11 Right Triangles and 20 Equilateral Triangles These tactile, colorful translucent Magna-Tiles are sized just right and easy to use, whether creating designs on a flat surface or building in 3-D. basic shapes are learned through play. Magna-Tiles develops patterning, shape recognition, building and motor skills. use them for guided activities or hours of open-ended fun and exploration. They will work well alone or together with the solid colored Magna-Tiles to make windows, skylights, etc. perfect for classrooms and multi-child play.

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Customer Reviews

Absolutely the best toy ever! Hands Down! A must have!

 on May 2, 2016
By Abssolute
So, how do I begin…. I suppose with some declarations

Great for creative play.. beware you will more than likely need more…

 on February 27, 2018
By momkl
I’m not a plastic fan. I really try to limit plastic in our house and, in doing so, waited a very long time to get these. A family member wanted to give to our LO as a gift, so I ordered as I knew she liked them from using them at school. We had once told friends that we were going to leave them for a school-only toy and we were told that of all the toys we could focus on that we should add these to our collection. They said the only thing we’d regret was not getting them sooner. Well, they were right. LO was so thrilled to get these and they have been used daily. I have even purchased two expansion packs so she can build bigger things. They really are great toys for creativity, understanding angles and how things works together, etc. And they are so useful when you need to cook or clean or do something that LO doesn’t want to or can’t be involved. Just point your child in this direction and s/he will be happy. Honestly, they are taken out without any prodding and so many things have been built. It is amazing to watch the brain just hum while using these. A reluctant (do to the high plastic footprint) huge fan.

These magnets are NOT stronger than the off-brand tiles!

 on March 22, 2018
By Richard W. Tobey
Magnatiles and Magformers are some of the best toys ever, for the widest range of ages! However, these name brand Magnatiles aren’t any stronger than the off-brand tiles, and cost twice as much!!! I was so bummed because I expected them to be as strong as name-brand Magformers.

Crazy expensive, but well worth it!

 on March 3, 2016
By S. Jones
When I first saw these things I was shocked at how crazy expensive they were, but some of my other “mom friends” assured me they were well worth their weight in gold. They were right! Magna-tiles rock! My kid plays with these things a ton and I can really see the gears working in her mind when she is engaged in one of her many building projects. So yes, psychotically expensive, but go for it! You won’t be disappointed!


 on March 8, 2018
By Amazon Customer
These are FABULOUS. I bought them for my grandchildren to use when they come to visit. My 3, 4, 5 and 7 year old grandsons play with them for hours every time they come. The 7 year old builds tall towers, castles, forts, parking garages and whatever else he decides. The 4 and 5 year olds build more simple structures. Garages to house their cars are the most popular. The 3 year old uses the tiles to make flat structures. Pizzas using the large triangles are his favorite. I originally bought the 100 piece set but added the 32 piece set so my 7 year old could build more complicated structures. He uses almost all 132 tiles on occasions. I take them to my 3 year old class at church for playtime on Sundays. I notice that the boys love to play with them. The girls will sometimes join in with the boys, but they don’t like them as much as the boys. My 4 and 11 year old granddaughters also do not play with them as much as the boys.

Has been used for years – One of the few that survive the test of time

 on March 3, 2017
By j.m.c.
Magna-Tiles first came to my attention when my oldest son was in Kindergarten (2013). The YMCA after school program had a LARGE (500 piece) set they kept onsite at his school for the kids to play with.

Fantastic creative toy!

 on September 27, 2017
By Michelle Durand
My 3 year old son absolutely LOVES these things. His daycare provider said he loved these at school so we decided to get a set at home for his brithday. Amidst all sorts of new toys and electronics, he can be found most of the time playing with some (or all) of these, building houses and towers and trains and all sorts of things and then destroying them in a very satisfying smash. And then having fun cleaning them up because they stack so well.

Amazing gift for my 6 yo.

 on April 6, 2017
By Hip Unschooling Mom
I bought these for my son for his 6th birthday. I looked at the reviews and figured that we needed at least 200 of them to make some awesome towers, castles or anything else the kids could create. That cost me $240 or so with tax. Well my son’s 6th birthday was 4 days ago and he and my three year old have not put them down since. The first day they played with them for at least six hours, the next day three hours, yesterday at least 3 hours and today they’ve been playing with them for the past four hours. I have never seen a toy hold my children’s attention for so long on so many consecutive days. I’ll be buying more shortly.

my daughter loved these for 5 years and still loves them. Her favorite toy.

 on November 6, 2017
By Eric
my daughter loved these for 5 years. they really did great. i just noticed i did not write a review. here i am 5 years later. she loved them and they lasted. she walked on them, they fell repeatedly for years on our cement floors, they did not break. magnets popped out of one when she threw it at the floor but that is to be expected. these are some resilient magnets. if my review was helpful please click the yes button below so I know it was helpful, thank you

Possibly the world’s most perfect toy

 on June 20, 2015
By E. Gersch
I’ve worked with kids for 11 years and ever since Magna-Tiles have come on the scene I have yet to find a better toy. They are almost indestructible (I have yet to see one destroyed, even in an elementary classroom, but I’m sure it’s possible if your child has a sledge hammer). They invite creativity, shape sorting, color identification, building, teamwork, etc. Mostly they are a BLAST. I hate most kid toys but I’ll happily help build things with Magna-Tiles for hours. Kids of all ages (from babies to… everyone) will have fun with them. They are safe (no choking hazards here!) and easy to use. I’ve noticed toddlers become very frustrated with duplo blocks because they can’t manipulate them easily, or with blocks because they towers tumble too quickly. These tiles stick together very easily and come apart with just a little effort – so towers are easy to build and sturdy unless you choose to knock them down.