Nerf Rival Phantom Corps Kronos XVIII-500

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    [REVIEW] Nerf Rival Kronos XVIII-500 | Phantom Corps Edition
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    Nerf Rival Phantom Corps Kronos XVIII-500 Unboxing, Review & Range Test
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    NERF Blast Cups Challenge!
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    NERF Rival – ‘Phantom Corps Kronos XVIII-500 & Helios XVIII-700’ Official Commercial
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    [REVIEW] Nerf Rival Deadpool Kronos XVIII-500 | RIVAL PISTOL!
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    Nerf Rival Kronos XVIII-500 Phantom Corps from Hasbro
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    Mod guide: Nerf Rival Kronos w/ Custom K26
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    NERF WAR: Nerf Gun Rival 2!
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    Nerf Rival Phantom Corps Kronos XVIII 500
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Phantom Corps is a group of rogue specialists who may join Team Red or Team Blue today, then challenge them tomorrow. Nerf Rival battles will never be the same! Go into battle as a member of the Phantom Corps team with the breech-loading Kronos XVIII-500 blaster that features the team’s identifying color and logo. Open the breech to load 5 high-impact rounds into the blaster, then prime it with the spring-action cocking mechanism, take aim, and fire! The blaster sends the rounds blasting into battle at 90 feet per second (27 meters per second). This Nerf Rival blaster also has a trigger lock, and tactical rail. It comes with red and blue flags that players can wear whenever they choose to join Team Red or Team Blue. Experience the intensity of Nerf Rival with the Nerf Rival Phantom Corps Kronos XVIII-500 blaster! Nerf and all related properties are trademarks of Hasbro.

Customer Reviews

The Rival pistol we’ve been waiting for.

 on January 22, 2018
By Greg Hallock
After years of waiting, here is your Rival pistol. This is a springer blaster, with a 5 ball internal magazine. It has a decent hopup, and shoots surprisingly accurately. (It may actually be the most accurate Rival blaster.) At $20 retail, this is a great starter blaster, or secondary for people using larger primaries. In the first couple hundred fireings, I haven’t succeeded in causing a jam. Even when intentionally loading two balls at once, it still fires flawlessly, and with a decent velocity.

Perfect sidearm from Nerf Rival line.

 on February 2, 2018
By RockChalkMK
An absolute must have for Nerf enthusiasts. In stock form it fires around 80-90 fps. Plenty fast for the casual Nerf rival game. Rival guns are rated 14 and up in most cases and this slide would be difficult to pull back for smaller Nerfers. My Nerf-aged kids are 7,6, and 4 and none of them are strong enough to pull back the slide (this is even more dramatic if you modify the spring inside). They stick to the battery powered and/ or dart blasters. The Kronos looks cool and is a great Nerf sidearm. It holds 5 rounds and is quickly and easily re-loadable during games.

Best Side Arm!

 on February 26, 2018
By Christopher
This is a must have for any Rival Player. It is easier to prime back than the Apollo and it is a very smooth slide. Just arrived yesterday and it works perfectly with the safety switch in all. My only concern is a litrle cosmetic scratch that came with it.

Shoots straight – good for indoor target practice

 on March 20, 2018
By S. Walker
Son enjoys this. Shoots straight and fast with good aim. Fun for indoor target practice. Much better than the longer missile shaped nerf shooters. A bit difficult for a kid to cock between shots, so not for little kids (he is 9 and its a challenge – wouldn’t recommend any younger). You feel it when you are hit, but doesn’t quite leave a mark unless at very close range. If your kid likes this one (and that is likely), he/she will soon want a larger one that can hold more ammo. If having a war, do wear protective goggles. Don’t shoot your eye out!

Size matters. Ammo too.

 on February 3, 2018
By Koko
Awesome blaster. I’m changing it’s spring so it shoots harder, though it shoots hard already. Not too large and elegant once you paint over the Spartan helmet drew on a side of the gun.

Best "bang for your buck"

 on June 9, 2018
By S Josh Geers
Best “bang for your buck” nerf gun I have ever seen/used, by far.

One of the most powerful pistols I’ve ever used.

 on March 19, 2018
By Christian
While I’m not so crazy by the limited capacity of 5 rounds, you can’t deny this blaster is rarely inaccurate; and it’s got serious power. You need two hands to operate this performance pistol. It delivers a shocking and high performance 90 ft. I generally use this as a back up, and a surprise blaster, if I need to really hit my target with only one shot. This blaster also has ion sights to use to aim properly. It’s a big pistol, but yet I had no problem finding a holster. I thought this blaster wouldn’t be worth it, but it’s worth every penny, and I regret ever doubting it.

Finally a nerf pistol that looks closer to normal weapon

 on March 8, 2018
By Sergejs Muromcevs
Absolutely lovely piece of engineering. Everything feels built strurdy, nothing squeezes, nothing is loosened.

Nerf rival Deagle?

 on April 28, 2018
By Mikey2416
The pictures always make these things look smaller; shoots well, looks great, easy to modify, and more importantly the safety feature isn’t like the other safeties from Rival so it is going to be pretty stiff.


 on February 22, 2018
By D A Stanley
totally worth it