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Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon will launch in the US November 18th, 2016 exclusively for the Nintendo 3DS family of systems. Embark on a new adventure as a Pokemon Trainer and catch, battle, and trade all-new Pokemon on the tropical islands of a new Region and become a Pokemon Champion!

Customer Reviews

Massive Change to the Pokemon Formula

 on November 18, 2016
By Vincent
Huge changes to the pokemon formula since Pokemon X & Y, no longer as it’s strictly battle and collecting focused (although still present) as they added variety of mechanics to switch things up a bit and to bring more variety in gameplay. Changes include:

that Sun and Moon are by far the best in the series to me

 on May 30, 2017
By Jen
I started playing Pokemon when I first picked up Red and Blue as a kid. I played every game, but Black(2) and White(2), and I have to say, that Sun and Moon are by far the best in the series to me.

Fun game

 on December 29, 2017
By Deb Kastner
This is a fun game that my six year old grandson can mostly understand and play on his own, keeping in mind that he is somewhat of a gamer already. The only frustration was he accidentally picked his take-along Pokemon wrong and we couldn’t figure out how to deselect it and choose another. I couldn’t even find the info on Google. He wasn’t happy about that, but I think I’ve convinced him to just go ahead and keep playing the game anyway. The game itself is interesting. Most of the time the characters speak the words at the bottom, but I think it might help to have a stronger reader.

A near perfect Pokemon game!

 on February 10, 2017
By Christopher Barrett
Not too much water eh IGN?

A great revival to the franchise

 on January 27, 2017
By AeonDolphin
A great revival to the franchise. It’s been a long time since playing Pokemon not only felt fresh, but also like being a kid again. Although the difficulty seems to have spiked a bit, I found the whole thing to be an enjoyable experience, and only found myself frustrated very rarely.

A New Generation, More of the Same Which is Good!

 on September 11, 2017
By Alex K.
As an original Pokemon player, I’ve grown and experienced it all. And while it’ll be easy to simply say Sun and Moon have completely departed from the series and created something revolutionary and new like Nintendo has tried to market this generation as, that simply is not the case. Yes things feel fresh up to a point; there are no gyms, no established Elite Four, and a few other minor differences, but at the core of it you still are going from city to city challenging trainers to battles. This is what Pokemon is at it’s core. You can call it Island Challenges if you want, but they are still Gym battles. The biggest inclusion are the Z Moves which function as a last ditch super power up move. We see this in many games, but not yet in Pokemon, at least not until this year.

Maybe getting some spark back in the series?

 on August 16, 2017
By Christina Rausch
I was hesitant to pick up Sun and Moon after the massive disappointment that was X and Y, especially after seeing that they suffered from one of the exact same issues–very few new pokemon with the new generation. Some might say that there are too many pokemon already, but I disagree. We’re especially lacking in pokemon of the new Fairy type, and Sun and Moon did very little to remedy that.

Gotta catch them all!!!

 on December 17, 2017
By Amazonman
Who remembers the blue, red version ??

Pokemon Moon. The Pokemon Game For A New Generation As Well As The Old

 on September 19, 2017
By SarahAnn
Maybe you’re a child reading this with glee, wonder and excitement. You love Pokemon and want to explore, train and test your ability to become the very best like no one ever was. Or maybe, and more accurately you’re a grown adult with a family, who has grown up with Pokemon with some games bringing you excitement while others not so much. In Pokemon Moon, you will not be disappointed. The game reinvents the world of Pokemon while staying true to its roots. In this game you will encounter many exciting adventurous elements that will resurrect the nineties kid in you.

A new generation of Pokemon for a new generation of fans!

 on October 31, 2017
By john titor
As the Pokemon games reach their 7th generation, the formula of the games has become very much a standardized affair. Move through routes, defeat gym leaders, then face the elite four and challenge the champion. The games have each stood out individually for features such as Pokemon contests from R/S/E, customizable fashion from X/Y, the DexNav from Omega Ruby, and so on which have not been carried on to later games. The biggest change in Pokemon Sun/Moon is the removal of Pokemon gyms, replaced by Island Challenges where trainers fight predetermined battles and solve puzzles. I strongly dislike this change; while the total experience gained ends up matching gyms, the distinct feeling of a gym and gym leader is lost, and so areas lose some of their individuality. I hope that gyms return in the next series of games.